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What do i need to get started?

Complete Packs

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Our Complete Pack range has everything required to get yourself set up for brewing and dispensing your beer on tap. By far the most popular setup we sell, the Complete Packs can be purchased with either the one or two BrewKeg12.5™ or a single BrewKeg25™ and comes with a 2 tap Kegerator, full CO2 cylinder, BrewSnug™ and all other accessories required to complete a brew. Complete Packs range from $3191.00 - $3826.00.

Starter Packs

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The Starter Pack is our entry level set up that enables anyone to start your brewing journey without a massive up front cost. Perfect for people who may already have existing brewing and dispensing equipment or new brewers wanting to dip their toes into this awesome hobby. You will need your own fridge to chill the BrewKeg™ and clarify/dispense your beer as well as a heat source to keep your keg warm for fermentation. Prices starting from $1131.20


We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality ingredients from around the globe so you don’t have to! From our extensive trialling you can rest assured when making a brew from WilliamsWarn® ingredients it will be as good as any commercial beer available on the market. Keep it simple and use one of our 13 base kits or get creative and add extra hops, malts or flavours to create, or recreate, any beer in the world.

To get the best advice on what gear might suit your brewing needs or help answering any other questions you may have simply get in touch with us via email at or call us on 06 650 2336 and one of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist.

How easy is it to make?


20 minutes! That is all the time required to create anything from a crisp lager to a true craft beer or cider that will impress you and your friends. No brewing experience is required as you start this journey and you’ll quickly find yourself tweaking things to create your own unique beverages, if that’s your thing.


 It’s true, patience is a virtue. However, you only need a little bit of patience with your WilliamsWarn. In only 4-7 days your beverage will ferment, carbonate and clarify all inside your BrewKeg™ or BrewMaster™.


Aaaaah. That’s the sound you make after your first sip of beer or cider which is immediately ready to enjoy. Drink it directly from your BrewKeg™ or BrewMaster™, or bottle or keg it and get another brew on the way. Whatever works!

What's the quality of beer like?

The most important part! Our standard kits produce commercial quality beer as proven by the fact that we have many bars and restaurants brewing their own beer and cider using a WilliamsWarn® system and then serve those beverages under their own branding in their establishments. If you needed any more convincing then look no further than the two awards below. In 2012 a novice brewer by the name of Santiago entered his WilliamsWarn® Pilsner with a few tweaks into the Asia Beer Awards and did the unthinkable when he won a gold medal beating out 45 of the worlds largest and most well-known breweries. He was the first ever home brewer to win an international beer tasting medal and put WilliamsWarn® on the map globally. To back this up, another customer did the same thing a year later and came home with a silver medal for his Best Bitter - Pub Ale. Will you be the next brewer to brew one of the world’s best beers?

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Whats the cost per beer for ingredients?

Not only do you get the satisfaction and fun of making your own world-class beer you can also save a lot of money when compared to buying commercial beer. Beat the tax man and quit paying excise tax on the beer you drink! When brewing in a BrewKeg12.5™ you can make a beer for as low as $1 per 330ml stubbie, when brewing in a BrewKeg25™, you can produce a stubbie for as little as $0.80 per bottle. The savings really do stack up over time as illustrated in the table below where we have compared the cost of making and buying similar beer and cider styles. These numbers are based off our 12.5 litre kit pricing, so when brewing in a BrewKeg25™ the savings are even higher.

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How it all started?