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Our German friends have written about us. Roughly translated it says: Germans are beer lovers since the beginning of time. In the USA home brewing is an upcoming trend. But it still isn't easy to brew your very own commercial quality beer. This machine makes that possible. The WilliamsWarn is a New Zealand invention by Ian and Anders. You can now brew your very own cold, clear and perfectly carbonated beer in just seven days. You can even experiment with new flavours.

Article Release Date: 16-09-2011

The Cloud, Queens Wharf, Auckland

During the entire Rugby World Cup we will be one of the New Zealand innovative products showcased by the government in The Cloud, a beautiful venue on the waterfront. It holds up to 6000 people and has two huge screens to watch the matches. Our film will come up on one of the big screens as well. So you'll be able to see Uncle Wayne really large!
Feel free to come and have a look! There will be lots of bands playing and the admission is free. See you there!!

Article Release Date: 06-09-2011

Stu McLeod, Napier, Hawke's Bay

I first made homebrew with my dad when I was probably 23 years old... It lasted probably a couple of years , maybe three I would say max. 20 years on. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the investment into the Williamswarn Personal Brewery is worth every dollar. Now I can sit back, enjoy a seriously great value beer whilst thinking of new flavours to add to some old favourites. All the small things that influenced my previous brews are all taken care of. And I don't recall a beer as clear in 21 days down the beer I have here in 7 days. The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery - Its just so easy to use. Say goodbye to the flat ones , the volcanoes , the cloudy... etc. Its all history now.. NZ History has now been rewritten when it comes to making a quality beer by a team of Kiwi Legends. I now know that when friends ask for a beer, I can truly deliver without the fear. The new Frontier of Personal Brewing has arrived, with an engineering design excellence + stunning results to back it up. WW... aaawwww - WilliamsWarn Cheers I say!

Article Release Date: 06-09-2011

John Maltby, Whangarei Heads

Another proud owner of a WilliamsWarn. He started drinking the beer on a Sunday night after due process followed. "What can I say, perfectly clear and well carbonated, great tasting, good body and great head retention. Fantastic. To all my fellow kiwis, get in there while you can, to the rest of the world...patience, all good things come to those who wait, after the kiwis of course."

Article Release Date: 06-09-2011

Winner of the Boundary Road Brewery 'The Chosen One' competition

Ben Branks of Auckland - the winner of the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery that was up for grabs in the Boundary Road Brewery beer tasting competition (The Chosen One). He's an avid homebrewer and beer lover and has been selling top of the range coffee machines so understands quality beverage appliances. A good match. All his mates homebrew too so he'll be seeing more of them in the future! And he liked our beer when he came for a taste after he found out he'd won. Cheers Ben!

Article Release Date: 06-09-2011