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WilliamsWarn BrewKit Pacifica Hops 100gm

Pacifica Hops 100gm


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Pacifica Hops 100g

A triploid aroma type hop developed by HortResearch. It was bred from a Hallertau Mittlefruh variety and displays citrus and floral aroma characteristics. It has a generous oil profile (especially Linalool) and orange marmalade and passionfruit can both be used to describe some of the aroma notes. Alpha acid levels of 5-6%. Can be used in German style lagers but also finds popularity in new world Pale Ales. Vacuum packed for freshness. Vacuum packed Pacifica pellet hops.

North Island (non rural) 1-2 days

South Island (non rural) 2-3 days

Rural + 2 days

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