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20 minutes! That is all the time required to create anything from a crisp lager to a true craft beer or cider that will impress you and your friends. No brewing experience is required as you start this journey and you’ll quickly find yourself tweaking things to create your own unique beverages, if that’s your thing.

Wait 4-7 days


It’s true, patience is a virtue. However, you only need a little bit of patience with your WilliamsWarn. In only 4-7 days your beverage will ferment, carbonate and clarify all inside your BrewKeg™ or BrewMaster™.



Aaaaah. That’s the sound you make after your first sip of beer or cider which is immediately ready to enjoy. Drink it directly from your BrewKeg™ or BrewMaster™, or bottle or keg it and get another brew on the way. Whatever works!

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The WilliamsWarn BrewKeg50 Overview

The BrewKeg50™ can produce 50 litres of beer or cider in 5-7 days. With only 20-30 minutes work required per week anyone can produce premium beer or cider at significantly less than the cost of commercially equivalent beverages

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What customers say about us

Jonathon Kutner and team (hyperWallet) enjoy WilliamsWarn beer.

hyperWALLET Systems, Jonathan Kutner, Vancouver, Canada

First Canadian Corporate Customer hyperWALLET rolls out first batch for Friday drinks!“First brew - American Pale Ale. Big hit with the crew. 1 hour later, all gone so have to start next week’s brew tomorrow."
Ray Carless and Derek from Sydney with their WilliamsWarn

Ray Carless, Sydney, Australia

Derek and Ray, from the northern beaches of Sydney, have recently purchased your Generation 2 Personal Brewery and we are very impressed. "The quality of the brewery is outstanding and the end result (the beer) is fantastic! Our very first brew (neither of us had brewed before) was acclaimed a great success by our admiring (and jealous) friends. Courtesy of the excellent user manual with clear step by step instructions, we were able to undertake the final assembly, get the system operating and make our first brew in just 7 days. For anyone who has an interest in making their own superior beer (or ciders etc) this product is brilliant and the after sales support from WilliamsWarn is equally impressive."
Dean Burt and Dan in the bar

Dean Burt, Lower Hutt, NZ

“I purchased my personal brewery at Harvey Norman Lower Hutt. I’m the proud owner of one of your brilliant brewery's and I'm looking forward to many years of awesome beers, I love what you do and obviously I’ve spent thousands of dollars to be able to enjoy the benefits of your creation. I’ve attached a photo of my brewery in my bar – cool aye!!”

Nick Koppers, Auckland, NZ

One of our most passionate brewers, Nick Koppers of Botany, Auckland, just took out the Silver Medal in the Asia Beer Awards in the International Pub Ale section for his Best Bitter. Nick brewed his ale in 7 days from one of our kits with extra Citra and Amarillo hops added and bottled it in his WW Counter-Pressure Bottler. Congratulations Nick, amazing job to beat all those full scale mega breweries with a beer brewed in a WilliamsWarn!

Last year Santiago Aon won Gold for his Pilsner. So we’re over the moon that the second homebrewer to ever win against the big global players in brewing history in a proper brewing competition is another WilliamsWarn Brewer! Once again, well done Nick. A proud moment for us to be able to hand you your award.
Bruce and Chonie Lawrence enjoy a WilliamsWarn brew

Bruce and Chonie Lawrence, Auckland, NZ

"We just wanted to express how much we're enjoying the WilliamsWarn brewery system. We're now enjoying our third brew, the Bohemian Pilsner.  This has been the first for which we've measured the SG and it's come in at a respectable 4.72% alcohol content. We started with the Summer Ale and then brewed the (quick turnaround) Apple Cider in time for our house-warming party.  We were impressed with the cider; as were many of our guests – it went down a storm, especially on a hot summer’s day - being served draft and chilled.  One guest even declared it the best cider she'd ever tasted! The instructions are well written and very comprehensive.  We're complete newbies to home-brewing.  We've made one or two minor errors along the way, but the WilliamsWarn has been very forgiving, and the results have been excellent.  Ian has also been very helpful responding to some of our questions personally. We bottled some of the Summer Ale using the bottler kit and I’ve been impressed with how well the brew keeps the carbonation and flavour after bottling. Next steps for us are to start experimenting with extra hops additions with some of the other brew-kits we've yet to try.  Can't wait :)."

Saxon and Jenny Marfell-Jones, Auckland, NZ

Here are some quotes from Saxon and Jenny’s testimonial video:
"There’s no homebrew taste. You could be at a bar drinking it, it’s that sort of quality beer.”
"We also bought the bottling device and it’s very good. Took some beers to a party to share and everyone was very impressed. The bottler unit is well worth it!”
Mark Sutherland Winner at GKBF

Mark “Suds” Sutherland, Otago, NZ

Congratulations to WilliamsWarn owner Mark Sutherland who won the top prize at The Great Kiwi Beer Festival in the Lager Category for his "Suds Pils". One of the beer judges wrote "This beer has been given passion & love". Exactly! The recipe was a WilliamsWarn Bohemian Pilsner kit with a hop tea of 25g Amarillo hops brewed and clarified in Mark's Brewery in 9 days as usual. Well done mate. We're as proud as you are.


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