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WW Kegerator XL with 2 Taps


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WW Kegerator XL with 2 Taps.

The WilliamsWarn® Kegerator can be used to dispense both the BrewKeg12.5™ and BrewKeg25™. You can fit either 3 x Brewkeg12.5s™, 1 x Brewkeg25™ (new style) or up to 4x Corny kegs inside the Kegerator. 

We have also customised the lines and taps that comes as part of this kit to avoid some of the traditional issues brewers have when dispensing from Kegerators. With a very thin 4mm beer line we have taken away the need for super long lines and flow controlled taps. We also have full stainless steel taps to avoid any issues with chrome plated brass affecting the brew. 

The WilliamsWarn® Kegerator can dispense a variety of dispensing kegs once the brewing process is complete. There are two styles of kegs that are used, the most common for personal use is a Cornelius Keg which is available in 9.5 and 19L. The other style of keg which is commonly used in bars is a D-Sanke keg which is available in 20L, 25L, 30L and 50L kegs. The D-Sanke kegs will require a Coupler and a Liquid and Gas Adapter. You cannot brew using a BrewKeg50™ inside a Kegerator. 

Includes a Kegerator, 2 tap beer font, all tubing and fittings to connect to 2 Cornelius Kegs. 

What else do you need: - BrewMaster™ or BrewKeg™ Transfer Kit - Standard or Micromatic Regulator - Cornelius Kegs (9.5L or 19L) or D-Sanke Kegs (20L,30L or 50L) - CO2 Cylinder.

Kegerator Dimensions (Without wheels) : H-83 W-60 L-60 Kegerator.

Wheels, chrome guard rail and CO2 bracket do not come with the kegerator.

Wheels and CO2 brackets can be bought seperately.

To learn more about kegerator dimensions and under-bench mounting guidelines, click these links.

North Island (non rural) 1-2 days

South Island (non rural) 2-3 days

Rural + 2 days

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